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Digital File Types

We use 2 types of files: DNG (Digital Negative) and Jpeg. DNG files are very large and contain all of the information just as it came from the camera. It is a universal format that can be opened and processed by all the leading imaging programs such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. It is the digital equivalent of film. Jpeg's are a compressed format that have become the standard for photo processing. All photo printing stores and online printing services accept jpeg's. Jpeg's are a tricky balancing act. The more you compress them the more detail you lose, but you gain a smaller file size. This becomes important for email or online photo sharing. Looking Glass Photography provides the customer with jpg's in 3 different sizes: Large for printing, Medium for viewing on your computer, and Small for email or Facebook. The DNG files are available upon request.

Computer Software

With digital photography there is always some type of software involved. We use a number of different programs, each tailored to its own purpose. Our primary software is Adobe Lightroom. It was designed to read and optimize DNG (digital negative) files and save them as jpeg's. It's the perfect program for adjusting exposure and color, and eliminating noise. It also easily handles common tasks such as red eye removal (caused by the flash) and cropping. It was not however designed for more advanced types of photo retouching. For that we use Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. These two programs are similar to each other, but different in their strengths and weaknesses. They are extremely powerful with a large number of tools such as blemish removers and layer control. With all their power comes a lengthy learning curve, but the results are more than worth it.

Your Pictures

Looking Glass Photography gives you your pictures on CD or DVD, depending on the quantity. A normal portrait session can usually be put on one CD, where the average wedding needs 2 (or even 3) DVD's. With LGP you get fully optimized jpeg's of every picture without watermarks and logos, and you'll get a signed release to prove that you own them.

We also provide prints if you'd like to order them through us, but this is by no means a requirement. You might find though that our "marked up" price is cheaper than your local store, and the print quality is second to none. In addition to the best quality 4x6 available, every print that is 5x7 or larger is custom cropped and perfectly adjusted for exposure and color. And - If you have a special request, you might be amazed at how a drab photo can be transformed into something worthy of a frame.


Picture Cropping

All pictures are in the 2/3's format, just like 35mm film. They are proper for 4" x 6" prints. Other print sizes will have to be cropped. The dark areas on the right show how cropping affects different sizes. You may choose how the cropping is done, like in the furthest right picture.

5" x 7"
8" x 10"
5" x 7"