We use all Pentax equipment because, in our humble opinion, it is the best for what we do. No one else can match the natural colors of a Pentax camera, and their selection of high quality prime lenses is unsurpased.
The Pentax K-3 is a 25 MegaPixel camera with highly advanced features, such as in-body shake reduction, a 77 zone exposure meter, dual focus technology, and HD movie ability. It knows what lens is attached and makes internal adjustments to match it perfectly. With over 6 dozen weather seals and a Titanium body, it's a camera you can trust, come rain or shine. And that's why we use it.
Prime lenses make the difference between a snapshot and a work of art. They cost more, but they're unmatched for quality. Many other photographers choose the convenience of zooms, but we choose to work harder and end up with better pictures. Prime lenses take better pictures, and the results are worth the effort. Pentax primes are second to none, and we have them.
Pentax flashes are so smart they don't even have to be on the camera! With remote slave functions and a ton of clever digital technology, they can communicate without being connected. And that's just our portable flashes. Our studio lights have more power than 100 flashes found on the average camera. That's enough to take perfectly lit pictures in most any church or hall.
Equipment isn't everything, but it sure helps. You can do absolutely everything right as a photographer, and still end up with nothing if your equipment fails. So we have backup camera bodies and flashes, and many lenses to choose from, including zooms. We prefer prime lenses because in the end it's the picture that counts. We're also sold on Pentax equipment because it just plain works.