~ Through the Looking-Glass ~

(and what Alice found there)


This was Lewis Carroll's second "Alice" book. The first used playing cards as a theme, this one used the game of chess. Regardless, they both pushed distorted fantasy to the limit and most likely gave a lot of children their first nightmare. Mr. Carroll (like his books) was a bit different too. Though you know him as an author, he was actually a mathematician, a teacher, and for most of his adult life a photographer. Scholars today have stirred up some controversy around the photography of Lewis Carroll and his relationship with Alice Liddell, whom the books were written about. Alice in Wonderland began as a story told to the young girl and her sisters, and evolved from there into the books we know. The controversy seems to be that Carroll preferred the company of children and his risque photography reflected that. It's worth noting that there didn't seem to be any concern during his life, but now, some 150 years later his ethics are in question. No one really knows the truth, but I'm guessing it lies somewhere in those surreal pages on the other side of the Looking Glass.