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Sharpening dull pictures, removing scratches or other damage, bringing colors back to life; it's all possible. We can make your photos look like new.
Remove distracting items, center and resize, enhance and brighten; these are the things that can change an average picture into something worth framing.
Merging two pictures, creating multiple layers, adding text or graphics; almost anything you can imagine. If you have an idea, we can make it happen.
The Digital Studio has opened the doors to a nearly limitless array of possibilities. You don't have to be in a real studio anymore. In fact, it can sometimes get in the way.
Instead of film, today we have digital files. And instead of a darkroom, it's computer software. All of this can be quite confusing, so here's a small page to explain some of it.
Pictures won't look very good if your monitor isn't right. It's possible you need a new monitor, but it's also possilbe that a small adjustment will bring it back to life.
A good picture is more likely from a good photographer, but even that can't make up for bad equipment. We've invested in what we feel is the best.
There are many good photography websites. Some give you reviews of cameras and accessories while others are an invaluable resource for learning about photography.