Sometimes a photograph isn't all that it can be. Sometimes it needs a little help.

What you see here is a photograph with a lot of potential, but way too many distractions. Light switches and outlets, a bit of a picture frame on the right, and those awful door hinges. The picture in general just doesn't focus where we want it to, where a soft expression is lost in the clutter of it all. Wouldn't it be nice if all that mess were gone.

- Rest your mouse on the picture -

That's the beauty of today's digital tools. We're not talking about magic here, or about creating something from nothing. We're just allowing what is already there to be seen in a better light. The expression and the feelings have not been touched, but the picture might now be worthy of a frame.

It might even be good enough for the home page of this website.
We use three different software applications, each with its own special ability. With these tools we can pretty much do anything we want. From touching up a picture like the one above to restoring an old photograph, we're only limited by our imagination.