Sometimes you have to look close or you'll miss something special.

There's nothing really wrong with this picture (except that it's not centered well). After all, that's a pretty darn cute kid. But what if there's something special hidden here. What if we got rid of the busy background, zoomed in a little bit, and maybe add some creative shadowing and a little soft focusing.

- Rest your mouse on the picture -

We haven't done anything here that wasn't already in the picture. We've just picked out a really cool expression and removed everything else. And that takes the picture from page six of your photo album to a framed 8 by 10 that hangs on your wall.

Cropping, like in the example above, has a few minor needs. You need the software to make it happen, and you need the equipment to allow it to happen. Your camera needs a very high pixel count to blow up such a small area, and your lens needs to be able to capture a lot of detail. None of this cheap, but that's what you need if you want the picture.